Shulayim L’Shalom is an alternative Jewish program for teens

Join us to create an inclusive and supportive Jewish youth group built around your needs



We welcome all Jewish teens. We create a space that uplifts LGBTQIA+ Jewish teens and those with diverse sexualities, genders, races, incomes, beliefs, abilities or politics. 

We  invite any teen looking for a new place to be Jewish!

Our programming is open to teens ages 12 – 18.


We host twice monthly Youth-Led Drop-In nights.

The needs of our participants inform the content of our program. We discuss and explore what challenges and excites you. We specifically uplift those who identify as LGBTQIA+ or as an ally.  Together, we support one another as we explore personal experiences of marginalization. 

Our events emphasize building social relationships, growing cultural knowledge and connecting with social justice movements in Pittsburgh. Throughout the year we will go on field trips around Pittsburgh, make art, play sports, share meals together, have discussions and celebrate Jewish holidays. We tackle issues in our community with activist projects that we develop. Of course – there’s also lots of time to just hang out and chill!

We provide food and toiletries for participants experiencing food or housing insecurity. We connect teens with appropriate social services to ensure every teen can live a full and healthy life.


We host twice monthly Youth-Led Drop-In Nights on the first and third Sunday of the month from 4-6 PM.


Events take place at 460 Melwood Ave.


All of our programming is free to teens! 

Sponsors and Supporters

We are a project of New Sun Rising and grant recipients of the Steel Tree Fund.

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